A update on my Managing job

So I just got some good news. I got a promotion at my job and I will now be working as store image, on top of me working as a manager and certified trainer. Its' days like these I like seeing times cards like this. I still can't believe the week I worked 52 hours but in one week I was sore but was very proud that I accomplished that and that I worked for that long of time with out a brake. Normally I would get sensory overload from things around me or I would get too hyper since I have autism but still, I look at what's to come to my life.
The time card i had when i worked 52 hours in one week
I also look at things that make me happy when I get customers like this! So I was at work to day and I was walking around the store making sure customers were all taken care of and I was talking with a group of customers when a lady signled for me to walk over. So I did and she asked me what my name was and I said my name is Chris and she asked what I was doing at work and I said I'm a cashier training to be a manager and she flat out asked me "Chris do you have autism" and my response was yes and she said I can tell. She said it doesn't show a lot but to someone that was worked with high functioning autistic you can spot it right on. She said she had a nephew that had high functioning autism. And right out of the blue she started to cry and I hugged her and she bar hugged me and cried as she spoke saying she wishes she could get her nephew to the level I was at and that there had to be a very helpful team behind me helping me with everything she said I have to have a deep loving family and a out standing support team for me to be were I am and its days like this that make me happy to be a teacher....  
my collage loves me so much they even gave me my own office

A Hero’s Departure.

  "Jaydan Thompson was always considered a fighter throughout his battle. His spirit was honored in a big way on Thursday. His body placed in a horse-drawn carriage and was taken down the streets of historic downtown Grapevine, where his grandfather is the mayor." Jayden, a close friend of mine, fought a tough fight against bone cancer. He also was a very compassionate person who would always put a smile on your face. Jaydan played football until his cancer was discovered in 2014. He became the school mascot, Buster the Panther. His family says he discovered a new magic in his life. He also worked as a mascot at Chuck e Cheese’s and won an audition at Disneyland.   An article from Fox News 4 can be found here: http://www.fox4news.com/news/230216167-story

Day 8

Hello my fellow readers just quick update on what been going on My class that I teach in does not start for another 3 weeks. I already have my students emailing me at my employee email and testing me asking me when class will start and they are already wanting to get on with class. But other then that and getting my office back together, I have taken up ad printing for the first ever. The first thing I printed was a USB flash drive and sd card holder for my desk at work because I have a ton of flash drives in my desk and SD cards for cameras so I figured I would put them all in this holder. Also being a staff member, I receive benefits like free printing.        

A warrior that is now fighting no more

Jayden Thompson: A teenager in high that has been fighting bone cancer for about two years, has come to a end along side his family. Jayden in my words was a better man than myself and most of the adults that are in this world. He always would put on a happy face and try to hide his pain. In his words tried to not make anyone feel sorry for him.   His dad, Chad Thompson, has been there every step of the way fighting for him and making sure he felt like he did not have this condition. And I have seen Chad at a very stressful time and I completely understand what he is going threw in life and as I would say it's not easy at all losing a child. You never get over it and I feel some of that pain that they are feeling. I was very close friends with Jayden and I did not see him a lot but we got to talk to each other and we clicked. I just wish I had more time to hang out with him and I'm thankful for the little bit I got to speak with him. There has also when a warrior fund established to help other warriors fighting cancer. Please donate to help others before it's to late.   I leave you with a couple videos in memory of this warrior!   Jayden's welcome back pep rally videos Photos
  Pep rally video

a post full of stupid

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to go over the topic that has happen over the last weekend. the topic i will be going over is bullying. there was a really big one that happen just this week were 5 black young thugs decided to take a teen that had a disability and tie him up and gag him and decided to cut him enough to leave wounds in his skull and put asses on his head and make him drink out of a toilette and bash his head into a toilet.   I DO WARN YOU THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC AND VERY STRONG LANGUAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

Day 7

Hello my fellow readers to day went very well i feel ten times better then yesterday or day 6. i can finally eat some more solid items and i can drink a lot more. at first i thought i was going to throw up but thank god i did not. i was also able to walk by my self and not fall and not have to hold on to someone. i also vagily remimber after coming out of antisiha i remimber asking my nusre at the dentist office if i could marry her. she tought it was funny and the sourounding people started to lagh. thats kinda all i remimber tho. i will be trying to post updates more often but till then i will see you next time have a wonderful day

Day 6

Hello me fellow readers to day i will be having surgery on my teeth. im currently getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and i don't know what to expect but i will be seeing what can be done im hoping that this surgery is not painful but most likely will be in pain after words. but i don't know. i hope to try to give updates at least daily on my recovery i don't know if that will be possbile for the first 2-3 days but will try. as i always say enjoy live and don't take a moment for granted and always look at the bright side.

Day 5

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about were i will be and what will be happening in the next week. first of all i will be having my wisdom teeth removed like all 4 of them. so i don't know what kind of pain level i will be in but hopping that it will be very low but as i say hopes are not always granted. other then that i have taken two weeks off of work and will be enjoying my vacation off. i don't know if i will be able to video record the surgery or after servery because my family does not know how to use a camera but will see if i can get someone to help me out with it i might see if i can get my cousin to help film it. but other then that oh well if it can't be done. well as i always say have a wonderful day my readers and i hope that you can get the best out of like and enjoy every moment you have i sure will be trying to make the best of this with what i have.