Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to let some light on a subject that has recently come to my knowledge. this subject is about a YouTuber named angry grampa or (AGP) for short. he now has cancer and this is not the first encounter with cancer That AGP has had. his wife and kidbehindacamra's Or Michael Green for short. mother died of cancer and she went un-diagnosed till later in life when it was really bad to the point of killing her. but now agp or Charles has cancer and has known for two weeks and has now finally let it to light. we appreciate it and will stand by AGP and Michael and will offer any support we can to the greens. i have had several family members die of cancer and it can be bad and i completely understand. agp has been scheduled for surgery to have it removed later next month the date is unknown but will be watching social media to keep up with the newsi will be attaching a Youtube video  on the subject both agp's video and kidbehindacamras video
  • AGP'S Video
  • KidBehindacamras Video
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Day 10

Hello my fellow readers today i'm just waking up and getting ready for the day i'm about to head to work in the next hour or so and then work till 5 or 6 i'm one of the opening crew today so witch sucks since night crew always sucks at what they do like they put ice into the trash cans and then not clean certain things or not put certain things together right and expect morning crew to fix it because they are so much in a hurry to get out of the store. but other then that i will update the blog some time later to day when i have some free time

3D Printing

Hello my fellow readers to day i want to show off some of the cool 3D Prints i have made. i'm really wanting to get into computer aided drafting for 3d printing i think being able to print what ever you please is cool now off to the 3d print jobs
The 3D Bender Tank i did
A 3D Print job i was doing for a Friend
My enormous usb drive holders
I call this one What would stewie do from family guy

Day 9

Hello my fellow readers to day im continuing my year in the life series i have going. today has not gone well at all i woke up late and i had to run out of the door really fast so i had to leave with shorts and a work tee shirt on and i had to leave with out my staff id and my wallet. i also found out that one of my old girlfriends use to be in my class i teach as i put emphasis on use to be because she is no longer in my class she was in it for one day i think its to spite me but oh well its not going to affect me. but other then that my class has started i'm going to see them to day and i'm about to head over in another hour and half to see what they are up to.