ABA Therapy

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk to you about budget cuts that are affecting people with special needs more specifically aba therapy or applied behavior analysis therapy. this therapy is one of the most critical ones that can be used for people with autism. and this is not the only budget cuts that are getting affected the whole special education budget is getting cut witch in turns means that there will be less services offered to people that need them. here is a link to another post on the subject
Families, Therapists Brace for Cuts to Autism Care Fees

Day 13

Hello my fellow readers to day i would first of all like to say i'm sorry for the VERY little activity on this account. but i would like to give you guys some updates on whats been happening.   to day i got done with spring brake and was my first day back at college and tomorrow i go back to my class and all of my students are emailing and texting me to ask if i'm gonna be back in class i guess i can say that they can't wait to see me. but other then that i also will be getting my first paycheck this next week at the end of the month. but other then that i can't wait to return to my job that i enjoy so much

Day 12

hello all my fellow readers to day i would like to talk to you a little bit about what i have accomplished in my life and what makes me feel good about my self. one i remember when i was little i had doctors saying i was not going to live up to much and that i would need to be put in a home or be someone that could not take care of him self. and i would like to tell the people that told my grandmother and parents that at a young age. and i would like to go back and tell them look at what i have accomplished and i would say  look at what i have done with my life i'm now a instructional aid teaching special needs kids with super powers to know how to use a computer and i'm working at a paid job and i run my own business doing PC repair i love what i do and my main goal in life is to help people that are in need and to help them in any way feasible. i love what i do and i always want to give as much as  i can to help the more needy people. and i ow that thinking to multiple people  i ow that to mostly my grandmother that showed me living with less means someone is better off. like when we would give cloths and some of my toys that we never used or that were lightly used to the homeless or to people that needed it. i just see my self in that life needed help one day and looking back on it like i did that and maybe god will return the favor in my life time. i i'm someone that sees life as you get what you are willing to give in life. and i ow my schooling being around people that had more needs then others seeing that they were just like anyone else and that they just wanted love and compassion. and that they wanted to not be called different they wanted what everyone else wanted a normal life. sorry to write a long blog about nothing but i do thank you to all of you that showed me the way in life. you guys are my world