Day 14

Hello my fellow readers. i'm sorry i have been totally absent on here and not keeping to my word of not trying to put up a post everyday but i'm sorry. i do say that i have tried to keep up with my posts but will keep you up to date on this weekend i have a few special things going on this weekend i will be hanging out with family. we rented out a entire area to do out Easter at and we will be from what i understand trying to have a cook out and meeting up with some family. i can't wait but have some stuff to attended to before fun happens. but i hope to enjoy myself with this weekend. i do love spending time with family but as normal with me i will probably be keeping to myself as usual. but hope to branch out a little bit with family. but i do love keeping to my shelf. any way i guess i can say i hope to have a good time here and will try to keep on the up and up with everyone here