Day 17

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to speak on the topic of a remote close friend of mine. his name is Avery. Avery and i met threw a YouTube vloger by the name of kreed i use to follow kreeds YouTube vlogs on a daily and would watch each one as soon as they came out and i followed his Facebook page. but when kreed met a person by the name of Avery who was sick at the time and was in the hospital i started to follow Avery's page. i have been one of Avery's online friends for as long as i can remember witch in real life is about 1 or 1 and a half years but Avery  to has been someone that i tend to me amazed by and is someone that i tend to follow i love waking up and reading his website and reading his Facebook page he is someone that has a lot of strength on the inside and i try also inspire my students to be like him i show my students his page and the always love to read the updates he post he is latterly my number one hero i look up to Avery like he is one of my family members. Avery you have the power to do just about anything you please keep it up man you do not know who much faith people have in you and how much of a impact you have on people. Avery has been someone that i tend to talk about at public conferences and public events that i go to and speak to people about kids and adults with special needs and how they are gods angels.