Day 14

Hello my fellow readers. i'm sorry i have been totally absent on here and not keeping to my word of not trying to put up a post everyday but i'm sorry. i do say that i have tried to keep up with my posts but will keep you up to date on this weekend i have a few special things going on this weekend i will be hanging out with family. we rented out a entire area to do out Easter at and we will be from what i understand trying to have a cook out and meeting up with some family. i can't wait but have some stuff to attended to before fun happens. but i hope to enjoy myself with this weekend. i do love spending time with family but as normal with me i will probably be keeping to myself as usual. but hope to branch out a little bit with family. but i do love keeping to my shelf. any way i guess i can say i hope to have a good time here and will try to keep on the up and up with everyone here

ABA Therapy

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk to you about budget cuts that are affecting people with special needs more specifically aba therapy or applied behavior analysis therapy. this therapy is one of the most critical ones that can be used for people with autism. and this is not the only budget cuts that are getting affected the whole special education budget is getting cut witch in turns means that there will be less services offered to people that need them. here is a link to another post on the subject
Families, Therapists Brace for Cuts to Autism Care Fees

Day 13

Hello my fellow readers to day i would first of all like to say i'm sorry for the VERY little activity on this account. but i would like to give you guys some updates on whats been happening.   to day i got done with spring brake and was my first day back at college and tomorrow i go back to my class and all of my students are emailing and texting me to ask if i'm gonna be back in class i guess i can say that they can't wait to see me. but other then that i also will be getting my first paycheck this next week at the end of the month. but other then that i can't wait to return to my job that i enjoy so much

Day 10

Hello my fellow readers today i'm just waking up and getting ready for the day i'm about to head to work in the next hour or so and then work till 5 or 6 i'm one of the opening crew today so witch sucks since night crew always sucks at what they do like they put ice into the trash cans and then not clean certain things or not put certain things together right and expect morning crew to fix it because they are so much in a hurry to get out of the store. but other then that i will update the blog some time later to day when i have some free time

Day 9

Hello my fellow readers to day im continuing my year in the life series i have going. today has not gone well at all i woke up late and i had to run out of the door really fast so i had to leave with shorts and a work tee shirt on and i had to leave with out my staff id and my wallet. i also found out that one of my old girlfriends use to be in my class i teach as i put emphasis on use to be because she is no longer in my class she was in it for one day i think its to spite me but oh well its not going to affect me. but other then that my class has started i'm going to see them to day and i'm about to head over in another hour and half to see what they are up to.

A update on my Managing job

So I just got some good news. I got a promotion at my job and I will now be working as store image, on top of me working as a manager and certified trainer. Its' days like these I like seeing times cards like this. I still can't believe the week I worked 52 hours but in one week I was sore but was very proud that I accomplished that and that I worked for that long of time with out a brake. Normally I would get sensory overload from things around me or I would get too hyper since I have autism but still, I look at what's to come to my life.
The time card i had when i worked 52 hours in one week
I also look at things that make me happy when I get customers like this! So I was at work to day and I was walking around the store making sure customers were all taken care of and I was talking with a group of customers when a lady signled for me to walk over. So I did and she asked me what my name was and I said my name is Chris and she asked what I was doing at work and I said I'm a cashier training to be a manager and she flat out asked me "Chris do you have autism" and my response was yes and she said I can tell. She said it doesn't show a lot but to someone that was worked with high functioning autistic you can spot it right on. She said she had a nephew that had high functioning autism. And right out of the blue she started to cry and I hugged her and she bar hugged me and cried as she spoke saying she wishes she could get her nephew to the level I was at and that there had to be a very helpful team behind me helping me with everything she said I have to have a deep loving family and a out standing support team for me to be were I am and its days like this that make me happy to be a teacher....  
my collage loves me so much they even gave me my own office

Day 8

Hello my fellow readers just quick update on what been going on My class that I teach in does not start for another 3 weeks. I already have my students emailing me at my employee email and testing me asking me when class will start and they are already wanting to get on with class. But other then that and getting my office back together, I have taken up ad printing for the first ever. The first thing I printed was a USB flash drive and sd card holder for my desk at work because I have a ton of flash drives in my desk and SD cards for cameras so I figured I would put them all in this holder. Also being a staff member, I receive benefits like free printing.        

Day 5

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about were i will be and what will be happening in the next week. first of all i will be having my wisdom teeth removed like all 4 of them. so i don't know what kind of pain level i will be in but hopping that it will be very low but as i say hopes are not always granted. other then that i have taken two weeks off of work and will be enjoying my vacation off. i don't know if i will be able to video record the surgery or after servery because my family does not know how to use a camera but will see if i can get someone to help me out with it i might see if i can get my cousin to help film it. but other then that oh well if it can't be done. well as i always say have a wonderful day my readers and i hope that you can get the best out of like and enjoy every moment you have i sure will be trying to make the best of this with what i have.

Day 4

well to day is going well my grandparents are going out of town for 3 day and i will have the house to my self other then that i'm at work posting this post right now. and i'm writing it on my laptop that i got for Christmas. and i don't know what to day will consist of but will be hoping to find out with to day. i'm scheduled as my new store image tag but i don't know what i will be doing since i normally don't do deep cleaning kinda of deal

a person that made the difference for me

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about a person that i have been around for a very long time. this person is Stephen Miguez he has always been there for me in my darkest times he's someone that i think has a lot of talent in what he does and he can do anything he sets his mind to he is also a Husband, dad, brother he is more then a brother to me he is someone that i can't wait to be like he is someone that fights for his family with the little he is given and he loves to help complete strangers from helping wild life and fisheries try and find someone to helping a friend weld a ribbon on a boat. he is someone that makes the most he can out of the little he has and dose not ask for more. he is someone that as i say is a real mig and he is someone that defies all odds even when there are more bad odds stacked up agents him then good. i see him working day in and day out trying to provide for his family and try to make others happy in the process. Stephen is someone that will always be in my hart no matter what. Brother i love you and i hope your day goes extraordinary well and i hope that you can get some love from family today.   PS: i love you and so does your son's and wife   and marry Christmas brother much love

Day 1

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about what happend to my website and were it is going in a sense   well what happen to my website is i forgot to pay for it and it got canceld and i had to re pay for it and by the time i got to pay for it it was too late the service provider i use shutdown and deleted my site and all my content i unfurnetly did not have a backup of any current versen of my website so i was crap out of luck.   now were is my site headed after this bad turn of events.   i'm planning on posting daily or trying to and i will try to keep my readers up to date with my series i'm bringing over called a year in the life and this goes over what i'm going threw on a daily and how i'm doing and what i plan on doing.   other then that i guess that it have a wonderful day my readers