Day 17

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to speak on the topic of a remote close friend of mine. his name is Avery. Avery and i met threw a YouTube vloger by the name of kreed i use to follow kreeds YouTube vlogs on a daily and would watch each one as soon as they came out and i followed his Facebook page. but when kreed met a person by the name of Avery who was sick at the time and was in the hospital i started to follow Avery's page. i have been one of Avery's online friends for as long as i can remember witch in real life is about 1 or 1 and a half years but Avery  to has been someone that i tend to me amazed by and is someone that i tend to follow i love waking up and reading his website and reading his Facebook page he is someone that has a lot of strength on the inside and i try also inspire my students to be like him i show my students his page and the always love to read the updates he post he is latterly my number one hero i look up to Avery like he is one of my family members. Avery you have the power to do just about anything you please keep it up man you do not know who much faith people have in you and how much of a impact you have on people. Avery has been someone that i tend to talk about at public conferences and public events that i go to and speak to people about kids and adults with special needs and how they are gods angels.    

Day 14

Hello my fellow readers. i'm sorry i have been totally absent on here and not keeping to my word of not trying to put up a post everyday but i'm sorry. i do say that i have tried to keep up with my posts but will keep you up to date on this weekend i have a few special things going on this weekend i will be hanging out with family. we rented out a entire area to do out Easter at and we will be from what i understand trying to have a cook out and meeting up with some family. i can't wait but have some stuff to attended to before fun happens. but i hope to enjoy myself with this weekend. i do love spending time with family but as normal with me i will probably be keeping to myself as usual. but hope to branch out a little bit with family. but i do love keeping to my shelf. any way i guess i can say i hope to have a good time here and will try to keep on the up and up with everyone here

a person that made the difference for me

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about a person that i have been around for a very long time. this person is Stephen Miguez he has always been there for me in my darkest times he's someone that i think has a lot of talent in what he does and he can do anything he sets his mind to he is also a Husband, dad, brother he is more then a brother to me he is someone that i can't wait to be like he is someone that fights for his family with the little he is given and he loves to help complete strangers from helping wild life and fisheries try and find someone to helping a friend weld a ribbon on a boat. he is someone that makes the most he can out of the little he has and dose not ask for more. he is someone that as i say is a real mig and he is someone that defies all odds even when there are more bad odds stacked up agents him then good. i see him working day in and day out trying to provide for his family and try to make others happy in the process. Stephen is someone that will always be in my hart no matter what. Brother i love you and i hope your day goes extraordinary well and i hope that you can get some love from family today.   PS: i love you and so does your son's and wife   and marry Christmas brother much love

Day 1

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about what happend to my website and were it is going in a sense   well what happen to my website is i forgot to pay for it and it got canceld and i had to re pay for it and by the time i got to pay for it it was too late the service provider i use shutdown and deleted my site and all my content i unfurnetly did not have a backup of any current versen of my website so i was crap out of luck.   now were is my site headed after this bad turn of events.   i'm planning on posting daily or trying to and i will try to keep my readers up to date with my series i'm bringing over called a year in the life and this goes over what i'm going threw on a daily and how i'm doing and what i plan on doing.   other then that i guess that it have a wonderful day my readers