Day 7

Hello my fellow readers to day went very well i feel ten times better then yesterday or day 6. i can finally eat some more solid items and i can drink a lot more. at first i thought i was going to throw up but thank god i did not. i was also able to walk by my self and not fall and not have to hold on to someone. i also vagily remimber after coming out of antisiha i remimber asking my nusre at the dentist office if i could marry her. she tought it was funny and the sourounding people started to lagh. thats kinda all i remimber tho. i will be trying to post updates more often but till then i will see you next time have a wonderful day

My job

one of the things i get asked alot is how i can keep on and on working at my job and love what i do and i say that is when i see things like this   this keeps me going and i love to work i remember the time i was out of a job for 4 months i was fucking depressed as fuck i enjoy working i do and i have allways love to do that my boss loves me for that he can call me in anytime day or night and i will be there

Customers At my job

so i was at work to day and i was walking around the store making sure customers were all taken care of and i was talking with a group of customers when a lady signaled for me to walk over so i did and she asked me what my name was and i said my name is chris and she asked what i was doing at work and i said i'm a cashier training to be a manager and she flat out asked me "chris do you have autism" and my response was yes and she said i can tell. she said it doesn't show a lot but to someone that was worked with high functioning autistic you can spot it right on. she said she had a nefue that had high functioning autism. and right out of the blue she started to cry and i hugged her and she bar hugged me and cried as she spoke saying she wishes she could get her nefue to the level i was at and that there had to be a very helpful team behind me helping me with everything she said i have to have a deep loving family and a out standing support team for me to be were i i'm.