Day 1

Hello my fellow readers to day i would like to talk a little bit about what happend to my website and were it is going in a sense   well what happen to my website is i forgot to pay for it and it got canceld and i had to re pay for it and by the time i got to pay for it it was too late the service provider i use shutdown and deleted my site and all my content i unfurnetly did not have a backup of any current versen of my website so i was crap out of luck.   now were is my site headed after this bad turn of events.   i'm planning on posting daily or trying to and i will try to keep my readers up to date with my series i'm bringing over called a year in the life and this goes over what i'm going threw on a daily and how i'm doing and what i plan on doing.   other then that i guess that it have a wonderful day my readers