The experiment

  Hello my fellow readers! If you have clicked on this page you either don't know what's going on or you are trying to see the progress of the experiment. Well if you are new please let me explain what is going on here. I'm doing a social project with a few college students on my college campus and with the college film crew to film a social project I call it what would you do AAC. What I do is I will be walking up to students and asking them were things are and if they can take me to them. And I'm asking them in a unusual way the way I'm asking them is in AAC and the app i'm using is call "Prolug2Go"    

Example: (AAC stands for "Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is an umbrella term that encompasses the communication methods used to supplement or replace speech or writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language. " )


Prolug2Go Example:


  What I expect to achieve with this experiment is to see how the student body of TCC will accept someone with more challenges then the average student. My fear is that unless you have been around a student, adult, child, or a teenager, you will not know what to expect and handle it.You will most likely perform in one of two ways either doing a get the F away from me kind of deal. Or OK I will help you and be there for you kind of thing.


The Project Logs:

(For those who are interested...)


Day 1, Part 1

  Today I got to school and I'm sitting in my office going over how I'm going to act and I'm making sure all my icons and words are programmed and ready to go in the ACC I-pad app. Testing them out to see if they work currently is the most important thing! I'm on my office phone with Disability Support, asking them if they would be OK with filming there and they agreed. (Look forward to it!). Other then that, I will be meeting with film crew around 12 to start and film for the first time! ____________________________________________________________

Day 1, Part 2

 Today went well. I got to film my first shoot with the crew and the film crew set me up with a wireless microphone and filmed me. The first lady I met knew me from high school and she blew my cover. As I proceeded to the other two lady's, It went very well. They acted as I expected someone would and I received a very good reaction from them. The person filming me was walking about 5 steps behind me and ended up stopping me and told her he was just waiting for her to turn around and see a person with this big camera walking behind us, which I personally found amusing.


Day Two, To Be Continued..


Day Three, To Be Continued..


Day Four, To Be Continued..


Day Five, To Be Continued..