A Friend that will never be forgotten

Emily was someone i met from a very young age. i got to meet her on her first day of elementary school we then went threw school together she was always two grades behind me. and i enjoyed riding the bus with her and speaking with her we dated off and on all threw out her life. more so later in life. but i remember going to party’s together and just us becoming friends with each other. i remember her voice when she was so excited go out to prom with me by that time i knew she would not be around for much longer so i wanted to make sure she would have everything i would want my doughtier to have before her time was up. so i dated her came out to her house often and was just a good friend to her. i remember texting mom when i found out incorrect information that she had passed away i remember not sleeping much that night if any i remember going out to school that day talking with a former teacher about what i should do because i was not getting a reply from mom and wanted to know if she was really alive or not. and i find it funny my teacher had told me do what your hart says if you truly believe she is still alive then go to her and find her the worst that they can do is turn you away and i said your right. so i then packed up my school bag and started walking to my car by the time i was unlocking my car door and googling the hospital that i thought she was at i got a reply from mom that yes i need to come and it might be the last time i see her. so she then gave me the address and room number that she was in and i then started driving off to get to her. i remember driving in Dallas rush hour traffic and not really knowing were to go. but i managed to get to her. it then took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot and find out were she was. and then when i got to her i saw that she was just totally out of it. i remember getting to her mom had left to take a shower and get some r&r for a few minutes because she had been up there for the past week. so i got to have some alone time with her. i remember entering her room and saying her name and she tried to say chriss like she normally did in her sweet voice. and i said i’m here do not worry. and i got to ask her a few things. i asked her if she knew were she was she moved her head and i knew she said yes and then i asked her if she knew what was happening to her and she nodded yes and i asked her if the place she was going started with a h and ended with a n and she started to cry and tried her best to say i love you and i just held her and said i love you too sweet girl. and i cried my self a little i got to spend a hour with her and it was nice. i enjoyed spending time with her. i then drove home and started to cry.

you will be missed sweet girl

Author: Christopher Miguez

Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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