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one thing you will find out about me very fast is that i’m extremely knowledgeable in computers and and just electronics them self’s. i have been working with electronics since i was 12 or when i finally could use a screw driver. i have taken all kinds of stuff apart just to see how they work and see how i can improve them. that is why i have come to bring you some photos and memes i have and just show some of my knowledge

this is if a network closet were i was renting a office from i had a custom it setup there and thus had to put my server in this room this is the after look of my server being there. i have just the dell power edge r620 on the right taking up one unit of rack space and there is all the mess on the right how i would love to fix this mess if i could but at the time they said no because they are not allowed to hire there clients
This is how i feel dealing with server issues i do not want to deal with but have to get done
Yes this is what i’m currently sitting next to right now a warm room due to my gaming computer
Yes i feel this on sooo many levels
basically what my server does all day long i can not begin to count how many times my server has been threw different projects i have worked on all the way from sccm iterations to mdt to windows servers

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Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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