having a job that thinks your different and expects less from you

you know what sucks is having a job that thinks that you can not do anything and that they are just keeping you around to make you happy. i started out at this job very well i was working night shifts cooking and running drive threw then i had to take a day off of work and with my personal issues in my personal life had come up in my work for me to get this day off and then my manager was kinda concerned about me and did not want to deal with me so he told the other managers to move me to day shift which i gladly moved to. and now i’m just stuck cleaning lobby and bathrooms and windows. i mean i say this is a good thing and a bad thing one its a good thing because one i still have a job and i now i can not do much to fuck it up at this point but i also say its a bad thing because they expect less from me and they also are just giving me the bottom of the barrel of work. one of the things i have had to get use to is only working two days a week for a total of 8 hours for both days. and having 5 days off with little to nothing to do. so to manly occupied my time i have started working on my website and taking certifications online for other things. but other then that i’m still learning how to deal with all this time on my hands which can be a good and bad thing at times. in the past a lot of free time has gotten me into trouble before. but in this situation were my job is not willing to give me more hours i just say to my self 1 you still have a job 2 they expect less from you so you can not really fuck it up at this point and 3 learn to deal with it.

Author: Christopher Miguez

Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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