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Me on brake at Walmart laying on top of some shopping carts

“I have autism, ADHD. I’m gaining more independence like driving a car and going to work by myself. My grandmother and grandfather (who I currently live with) love to be able to check in on me from time to time just to make sure I’m doing ok (I’m not a runner or eloper, I just tend to either get distracted very easily or get off task) and it helps to know that I still have my support system with me even when I’m alone.

A police officer pulled me out of my vehicle while I was asleep on the side of the road thinking I was drunk. I was having car trouble that day. I was able to push the button for my AngelSense and my grandmother was able to call my device and help me with the police interaction.

AngelSense has also allowed my family to help me in police interactions that otherwise would have turned out different. I owe a lot of my progress to AngelSense and their wonderful support staff behind their phones. Thank you AngelSense for everything you have allowed me to do, I appreciate it so much.” Chris Miguez

We’ve had the privilege of having a peek into Chris’s world when he posts about his life in our AngelSense user group. Now you can follow his posts on his new Facebook page: Chris’s Life A Complex Journey Threw Autism And Life 
Thanks for sharing with us all, Chris!

Author: Christopher Miguez

Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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