Well this week and last week has been a very eventful few weeks i started to see a therapist for counselling and have continued to take my new medication. and have started to help a new team out for search and rescue. the Therapist has helped a lot its grate to have someone that i can talk to and just let everything out and hear how to tackle it. between things in my business life and personal life things are not so grate but i still manage to learn to cope with it and work threw the bad and good. this Therapist is someone that is very funny to and she loves to crack ad few jokes here and there and its kinda refreshing to hear this. she also has Dealt with similar problems I’m going threw right now and it helps to have someone on the sidelines that knows what i’m going threw and knows how to guide me threw it. and now i guess on to the new medication that i’m taking. the medication are doing what my old medication have done besides all the side affects. and i like it i have started taking them and i’m not hyper anymore or fidgety at times and i can just be me at that is awesome. now on to the new team. this new team has started to help Chicago area with the Polar Vortex they have started to help the homeless population in that area because its so cold outside like its -8 degrees cold that how cold it is outside. and we have teams that are dropping off supply’s to homeless people and driving them around in there cars to get warm and what not. so i guess all in all I’m doing fantastic

Author: Christopher Miguez

Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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