Day 6 Wrap up

well today was kinda off to a late start i sleeped in till 730 and did not realized to day was a work day but i got up got dressed really fast and got there and clocked in at 809 AM i know 9 minutes late i’m normally i’m not late. then worked till 12:20 took my medication at 12 and was sent home at 12:30 due to there being too many people at work so i was cut. then went over to the computer store that i work off and on at and talked with Chris about the phone stuff. then i went out with a friend to go hang out after that i went home and then worked on my PBX server some more and then i went to my second job to pick up my paycheck its only 127$ for this week but i got a 160$ in cash from the past two weeks since my store does tip sharing so i did get paid well. i missed my therapy appointment. which sucks. other then that i stayed home had a few adult alcoholic drinks and had pizza and worked some more on my server i’m now in bed on my laptop writing this up while my cousin is using my custom built gaming computer to play a few games and watch YouTube at the same time

Author: Christopher Miguez

Christopher is a 22 year old adult living with autism and adhd he is currently working day in and day out to gain the fullest and happiest independent life that he can possibly lead

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