a man and his blanket

have i ever told you guys how much i love and i mean LOVE THIS 20 POUND WEIGHTED BLANKET (YES I SAID 20 POUNDS) i do not know what i have been with out it all these years. but now i know i have had this blanket for about the past year and a half and love it too much i would no be able to sleep with out it at this point i love it to death and its just so reassuring to be under it and i feel like my mind goes blank and i do not have a million thoughts going threw my head when i try to sleep.

The above photo is of my blanket on my bed and i love it too much it seams like
me under it and i love this blanket and its kinda weird that its just as big as my bed but it works
this is of my next door neighbor that to me is more of like a second dad to me he wanted to try it and he is not into all the disability community so he was very surprised by it when i laid it on him he told his wife that he could do nothing else cuz he was so weighed down

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