you know one thing i have learned very fast is that you can not have too many friends but that you can have too many that are bad at times and i have slowly found the people i like to hang around with. the below photos are of some of my very close friend

The above images are of a General store manager that helped me in soo many ways i had switched to sprint for a while and when i did i was taken advantage of by a store rep at another store that had me by 4 phones mind you they were free but i was stuck with them if i wanted to return them i would need to pay 35$ a piece or 140$ all to gather for phones that were given to me FOR FREE. and i went 4 miles down the road to another sprint store were i met David Mashmire and told him what happen and he said he would take care of me and he did he called his district manager and explained it to him and got them to take the phones back for free and give me bill credit for what was billed to me.

i have a few friends that are in the trucking community and i got to met one of them on this day that this photo was taken and got to have a lot of fun with these people if you guys are reading this you know who you are

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