Prom 2014

Emily was someone i could not get enough off for a very long time she and i formed a special bond very early on in life. i remember us going to school. i remember riding the bus to elementary school and then to middle school and high school. she was someone that over time i got to see as a close friend. and at first i thought she was annoying and just wanted to be left alone but later in life she grew on me and very later in life i dated her and we dated off and on for a few years. then prom came along and i had several other people wanting to take me and i said no i wanted to take one and only one person and that was Emily. at that time i new she had a shorten life span and i wanted to give her everything that i would want my own children to have and i knew that if i did not give her that opportunity the experience that someone cared that she would not get it from someone else so thus the prom planning was planned i remember she would not stop talking about prom and when the day came she was sooo happy i loved the time we hung out with each other.

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