About Me

Why hello and i’m glad to that you finaly got to viset my website. here is a little taste of what you will find out about me here


  1. i enjoy building and working with anything tech related
  2. i love to advicate for any mental health issue’s that people may have including my own
  3. i love to help anyone really in need

soo here is the spill on me as some people say i’m 23 years old and i live in texas and i love to work on the computer and love to meet new people and make connections i absolutely love to see others succeed and help them with there goals and dreams i’m what some people may call a wounder-man because i’m mestryous and wonderful at the same time. my spelling may not be entirely grate but hay i try my best with what i do and always love to have fun times with others so in this blog about what ever will be on my mind i encourage you guys to sit back relax and grab a bag of popcorn and just enjoy the reading well here goes